Media and Applications

Media and applications companies invest extensively in growing their install base through aggressive customer acquisition activities. This can be seen through impressive achievements with penetration rates and brand awareness. The next phase for them is to further develop the value of these customers, increase usage and application engagement and activity, and improve internal monetization. Focusing on customer value management and leveraging the digital assets as part of a coherent digital customer engagement.

Our Approach

We help you improve business results by enabling you to continue acquisition activities while at the same time investing in developing the engagement you have with your customers, as well as in value management. The result is accelerated lifetime value and improved customer retention.

This can be achieved by focusing on three main strategies:

  1. Engagement: increase customer activity, so they use the application more often and for longer durations. Educate your customers about available services that the application provides and help them to gradually adopt new services and products that will grow their value.
  2. Monetization: you will be able to better monetize by selling personalized add-ons and packages, off-the-shelf products, stickers, and minutes of use. You can also use various marketing tactics to grow the value of your customer base, such as try & buy, discounted packages, buy and get, and by applying private pricing at a predefined time of day or week in order to stimulate activity. You can also deliver informative and educational messages to turn non-users into active and later paying-users.
  3. Connecting all the digital points: refers to all digital engagement touchpoints (as well as placing ads at 3rd party websites). It includes designing and implementing a continuous dialogue that is connecting the in-service (or in-app) engagements with advertisement on 3rd party websites for retargeting and monetization, and establishing a holistic and evolving dialogue with every customer.

Digital Customer Engagement is the key to enabling these strategies.

Use Case

Engage with your customer in context, grow the activity and value through continuous journeys. Implement rich marketing tactics (e.g. recommendation, try & buy, etc.), offer personalized packages and deliver superior digital experience.


Engaging Results

  • Increase the number of paying customers by 3.5%
  • Increase active days per month per subscriber by 8%
  • Reduce churn by 5%-10%
  • Improve service adoption by 7%-15%