Pontis is the leading provider of contextual marketing solutions for service providers. Our multi-dimensional approach bridges between CMO goals and customer needs, creating continuous engagement.
Let’s get personal.

Segment of One™

Replace traditional mass segmentation tactics with one-to-one personal dialogs, dynamically addressing the usage patterns, behavior and preferences of each individual subscriber.
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Plan, implement, test and analyze personalized interactions and campaigns with subscribers using our iCLM™ (individual Customer Life cycle Management) platform.
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Engage with each subscriber on an ongoing basis, taking into account behavior and preferences and automatically applying the optimal activities.
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Martin Bould

Martin Bould,
Head of Consumer Marketing, O2 UK

"Operators increasingly have to focus on building much more personal relationships with their subscribers throughout the customer lifecycle, to ensure loyalty in every given point of the customer life cycle. This is what Pontis is able to provide."
Tolga Idikat

Tolga Idikat,
CVM Prepaid Planning Manager, Vodafone Turkey

“Pontis enabled us to individually manage customer lifecycle for each and every one of our millions of subscribers. The positive impact on business and significant revenue lifts were immediately apparent and results continue to improve.”