Digital Customer Engagement

Digital Customer Engagement is a revolutionary way for businesses to engage with their customers and become more meaningful in their lives. It’s about individualized customer journeys with ongoing, dynamic, and evolving dialogues. Digital Customer Engagement businesses can implement a proactive, adaptive dialogue with every customer, on every channel and touchpoint, and personalize every engagement to the customer’s context at that moment. The results are ramped-up revenues, and customers who are highly satisfied and loyal.

Digital Customer Engagement: Today’s Business Imperative

Our world today is a digital one. So are your customers, in their behavior, mindset, and digital lifestyle. They are always connected, through multiple devices and always in the know, demanding much more. They will not tolerate what’s irrelevant to them.

In order to be meaningful in their customers’ lives while building more trusting and personal relationships, businesses need to revolutionize the way they engage with their empowered customers, to provide value, and keep up with their needs, preferences, and expectations for superior experiences.

Implementing Digital Customer Engagement is a key to these challenges.

With over a decade of experience in driving Digital Customer Engagement for over 600,000,000 customers worldwide, we have designed, executed, tracked, and measured customer behaviors and engagements for many different companies all over the world. We clearly see the results – Digital Customer Engagement drives higher revenue while also dramatically and consistently increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers Engage for meaningful relationships
See what your Customers think of you

Imagine you can achieve such meaningful and profitable customer engagements. Imagine you could engage with each one of your customers, in a proactive, personalized way that is tailored to their current context, and adapted to their changing needs in real-time. Imagine you could do this with millions of customers, every day, every time, and on any channel.

This is what revolutionizing digital customer engagement is all about, and the five ingredients of Digital Customer Engagement are:

  • Optimizing the engagement for the real-time context of each individual customer
  • Personalizing engagements to their specific needs and preferences
  • Being proactive with the experience, service, and offering you provide
  • Engaging on any channel and touchpoint
  • Designing and implementing continuous journeys

The 5 Ingredients of a Winning Digital Customer Engagement Implementation

  1. Contextual:
    collecting and analyzing customer data from multiple internal and external data sources, as well as real-time activity data, behavioral trends, and more. This provide an understanding of the real-time customer state that is requirement for acting in the most relevant way.
  2. Personal:
    Every customer has his or her own unique preferences, activities, and behavioral patterns. With Digital Customer Engagement you can create an optimal fit between the specific customer, his/her context, your innovative strategies, and the engagement. You can also personalize every aspect of the engagement, product, text message, pricing, and more. Being able to do this in real-time, will enable you to maximize relevancy and, as a result, dramatically increase response rates, and customer delight and satisfaction.
  3. Proactive:
    As a service provider you need to reach out to your customers and be proactive. When you are proactive you can leverage numerous opportunities to bring value, and deliver what customers actually need and want at that moment. This way you can drive action that will also be profitable for the company. When you manage the real-time customer state and can correlate that to your strategies, you can engage proactively, staying one step ahead, and offering value that makes a difference.
  1. Anywhere, Across Every Channel and Touchpoint
    Customers expect coherent, personal, relevant, value-added experiences regardless of the channel. For them it is irrelevant. They engage or are engaged with you, not with a channel. That’s why we need to be able to engage and deliver what our customers need and expect in real-time, across digital and traditional channels, both inbound and outbound, whether self-service or manned-service, both pull and push.
  2. Continuous Journey
    A continuous journey means leading an evolving and dynamic dialogue with every customer . This dialogue is adapted to the profile, context and needs of the customer, is aligned with your goals and strategies, and is ever evolving with value – both for the customer and for your company. It is driven by the fact that engagement with your customers is not a one-time interaction. Rather, it is important to drive behavior change on an ongoing basis and never miss out on the opportunity to further develop the customer relationship and ensue that your strategic goals are met and that the customer base is satisfied and healthy.