Lifecycle Management for Prepaid

Our Approach

We understand how important it is for you to keep your prepaid customers close, stimulate spend, and accelerate top-up activity. As the propensity to churn has increased, communications providers should maintain a continuous dialogue with their customers, keep their fingers on the pulse, and optimize activity.
Revolutionize your Digital Customer Engagement strategy:

  • Increase and optimize top-up activity
  • Stimulate usage and spend
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Drive services adoption
  • Decrease churn
Customer Activity Level

On Boarding

With the churn rates of prepaid customers during their on-boarding stage sometimes reaching 40%, we know how critical a successful welcome plan is to their healthy development towards becoming satisfied prepaid customers with optimized lifetime value.

With this solution you will be able to execute an on-boarding strategy that will deepen the engagement the customer has with your brand. You will be able to stimulate his/her desire to learn more about your products and services, as well as other activity levels.
You will be able to:

  • Stimulate first and second top-ups
  • Send personalized informative messages based on your strategy and digital assets and services
  • Stimulate activity and encourage the customer to explore additional offerings and services, such as: digital self-services, handset options, price-plan allowance, and channel options
  • Incentivize at-risk customers, such as those who are silent or delayed the first or second top-up
  • Nurture and provide offers and experiences that drive customer satisfaction


Customers in the development stage account for the majority of your subscribers and prepaid revenues. For this critical population, Digital Customer Engagement will implement your strategies for increasing their lifetime value by enabling you to:

  • Prevent churn early on
  • Increase responsiveness to offers and bundles (e.g. try & buy, one-off, recurring)
  • Accelerate usage and spend
  • Adopt more services
  • Optimize top-up patterns (e.g. amount, frequency, timing, recharge channel)
  • Improve price-plan engagement

Real-time capabilities, big data analytics, and comprehensive unified customer profiling will help you minimize revenue dilution while growing the active base, improve customer engagement, drive loyalty and satisfaction.


Digital Customer Engagement will enable you to minimize the risk associated with the retention stage.

You will be able to pre-empt churn and achieve recovery through activity stimulation, engaging customers during an activity, offering benefits that fit their needs – and which would likely delight them.

You will also be able to leverage real-time detection to identify behaviors that point to potential churn, such as dormancy. Accordingly, you can present these customers a personalized, real-time offer that is tailored to their individual context, addresses their needs, and provides an added value to their digital experiences.

Whether reaching out with a call or a survey, sending a text message, incentivizing to consume data, activating a relevant bundle with a discount, migrating to a new and rewarding plan, or other – this solution will enable you to increase the effectiveness of recovery.

Use Case

During the engagement, in the relevant context, walk each customer through a journey that will educate them about your different offerings to ensure adoption of data-driven services during the on-boarding stage.

Customer Activity Table

Engaging Results

  • Top-up lift at 3%-7%
  • Churn reduction of 5% – 10%
  • Revenue increase at 2% – 4%
  • Service adoption improvement by 12%
  • Increase in subscribers from Welcome to Development by 4%
  • Increase number of active subscribers in past 3 months by 3.6%