Lifecycle Management for Postpaid

Our Approach

Postpaid subscribers often experience an engagement void during the commitment period. During acquisition and onboarding they felt pampered, as they will towards the end of their contract. In-between, there is a significant drop in their perceived engagement levels. It is critical to make sure that an excellent experience is sustained, that customer engagement develops and grows throughout the entire lifecycle.

It is important to pre-empt the engagement void with relevant and real-time offers.
Our Digital Customer Engagement solution for postpaid lifecycle management will enable you to leverage the numerous opportunities during the postpaid customer lifecycle to offer meaningful value.

Pre Paid Customers Void

For example:

  • Understand which micro-products you should offer, i.e. ad-hoc products that are fully personalized and can be relevant at the exact moment of engagement; such as receiving a 30 minute package to watch videos once opening the YouTube app.
  • Collecting feedback in context, to enhance the customer experience and then adapt the journey based on identified dissatisfaction/satisfaction factors, together with the insights driven by the real-time customer state.
  • Proactively engage with your customers to make personalized offers that bring meaningful value and which are personally packaged in real-time, across channels, both through inbound and outbound interactions.
  • Stimulate contextual, loyalty-driven activities.
  • Offer price-plans optimizations.

This Lifecycle Management solution for Postpaid will enable you to manage a continuous and adaptive dialogue with each and every customer. You will also be able to easily translate your innovative postpaid customer strategies into actionable plans that deliver superior experiences with proven results.

Use Case

Managing the full life-cycle of a roaming experience: dynamically and individually adapt the journey based on real-time customer behavior and adopted services while abroad. Also leverage data from previous journeys as well as regular usage. This will stimulate high activity levels and generate increased customer satisfaction.

Pre Paid Customer Engagement - Pontis

Engaging Results

Postpaid Lifecycle Management Engaging Results

  • Revenue increase at 2%-5%
  • Recommitment increase at 8%
  • NPS and advocacy increase at 30-40%