Omni-Channel Campaign

Our Approach

As customers interact with you across multiple channels, through inbound and outbound, the need to manage a coherent, continuous, and contextual engagement journey is greater than ever. Some companies do meet these needs to some degree. However, driving behavior change and delivering superior experience requires more. It requires managing a dynamic and adaptive dialogue across all channels. This dialogue changes and evolves based on the real-time customer state. This is the next level in Omni-Channel Campaign Management that leads to unmatched business results.

Enabling you to manage rich end-to-end customer experiences. This is achieved by applying advanced capabilities including big data analytics, real-time event processing, fulfillment, immediate provisioning, and more.

The Pontis Digital Customer Engagement solution for Omni-Channel Campaign Management leverages embedded machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize the engagement both in the short- and long-term, and across every channel.

It is a complete and integrated solution to manage all channels and touchpoints, to orchestrate company communications and multiple marketing offers across both digital and traditional channels.

Key capabilities include:

  • Allbound Customer Engagement: with this customer-centric solution for a seamless experience for all channels and touchpoints, inbound and outbound.
  • Designing Context-based Activities that are driven by the real-time customer state.
  • The Experience Designer: your canvas for easy design of data-driven customer flows, which is designed for marketers
  • Real Time Dashboards and Reporting: providing a granular view of each customer, along with the ability to manage, analyze, and measure trends, KPIs, and results, for advanced campaign optimization.

Effectively manage a large number of campaigns, from designing the logic of the targeting and the flow of the experience, implementation, launch, measuring, monitoring and tuning, using state-of-the-art technology, advanced analytics and embedded expertise.

The Pontis Experience Designer, with the Outbound and Inbound reach as part of an experience
Omni-Channel-Campaign Dashboard
Real-Time Dashboards

Engaging Results

  • Accelerate transition from strategy to execution by 5x
  • Improve campaign response rate by 4x
  • Achieve automatic orchestration of hundreds of sophisticated campaigns