Customer Experience Management

Our Approach

Our customer-centric approach demonstrates the transition away from collecting a lot of data to optimize processes and enterprise assets, and moving towards leveraging this data to manage Digital Customer Engagement with every customer. The result is a better customer experience that is sustainable, through individualized customer journeys that are constantly optimized.

Managing Digital customer engagement

The pillars of Digital Customer Engagement are proven to drive customer satisfaction higher. Realizing that when you engage with customers proactively and personally, about what matters and is meaningful to them, offering real value at the right time, through a coherent and transparent dialogue that is optimized continuously, the benefit is reflected in higher NPS (or CSI). There is no better way to maintain and grow a relationship with your customers.

Today communications providers collect customer feedback to evaluate the customer experience, primarily after an interaction with a service agent. But rarely, do they do so as an integral part of the customer journey. Furthermore, extracting meaning and taking relevant action as a result of this feedback can be elusive at times.

The Pontis solution for Customer Experience Management will enable you to leverage an end-to-end customer experience approach by incorporating two complementary pillars.

The first pillar constitutes the collection of customer feedback in context, along with providing granular and actionable insights. You can survey customers after a special context, that is predicted to potentially result in dissatisfaction and lead to churn, such as migrating to a new price plan after underutilizing the allowance of the previous plan. You will be able to analyze the customer state, context, and response to a survey. This way you can dynamically design an individualized recovery plan.

Components of the first pillar include:

  • Contextual and ad-hoc feedback collection and measurements
  • Providing granular and actionable insights
  • Text analytics and root-cause analysis
  • Connecting and correlating NPS and the whole real-time customer state

The second pillar entails delivering optimized and individualized customer journeys comprised of a meaningful dialogue with every customer anywhere. The dialogue will also be tuned by analyzing issues impacting satisfaction – such as unclear value for money. It also entails implementing advanced analytics (e.g. text analytics) and managing the real-time customer state, to proactively deliver a personalized and continuous resolution that will be effective and satisfying for your customer.

Use Case

This use case demonstrates that detecting a quality of service incident in real-time is neither sufficient for optimizing customer experience, nor for minimizing revenue dilution risks. Three postpaid customers have experienced a dropped call, but each of them has a different context, dropped calls trend, value, and many other attributes that make up the real-time customer state. While the use case proposes the immediate treatment, it will be followed with an individualized recovery journey.

Immediate Engagement or not

Engaging Results

  • 28% response rate
  • 30-40% NPS and advocacy increase
  • 5%-10% churn reduction
  • Operation time-to-market faster by x3