Operational Services

We work closely with you to turn your vision and strategy for Digital Customer Engagement into business results—efficiently, with an accelerated time to market, reduced costs, and at a ramp up pace that suits your needs.

With your operational tasks and goals in our hands, you have the peace of mind that the product is working for you and your goals, so you can focus on other business objectives.

Implementation Services

Our experts will work closely with your technology teams to plan the implementation for your existing IT environment with minimal risk and reduce internal costs. They will ensure an efficient implementation, with the effective execution of business rules, pre-launch end-to-end quality testing, monitoring of deployment and post-launch activities, and reporting.

We bring a deep understanding of implementation requirements and outstanding project management skills, to accelerate time-to-value from your Pontis product and solutions. Furthermore, we offer flexible integration options and out-of-the-box connectors to many standard systems and protocols.

Managed Services

Once deployed, our team of experts will continue to provide you with operational support for the Pontis Engage product. We will provide IT related support for system management, monitoring and preventative maintenance, as well as business operations. We will make sure that the implementation operates in full conjunction with and is realizing the business strategy. We will perform operational monitoring and resolve issues with troubleshooting. We will also help you manage the process of launching the different relevant activities and develop the necessary capabilities to support new business requirements.