Business Consulting

When engaging with our team we will manage the full cycle of your Digital Customer Engagement initiatives. From strategy to on-going optimization, we help you achieve your strategic marketing objectives and critical business KPIs.

In addition, beyond the insights and recommendations, we bring accountability for translating strategies into results.

The Pontis methodology follows five main stages:

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    Research & Baseline Assessment

    The first step towards your Digital Customer Engagement transformation will begin with a close collaboration on strategy and planning.

    Our team will work with you to conduct a comprehensive market study and base-line assessment of key parameters including:

    • Identifying challenges and defining key objectives
    • Mapping the competitive landscape
    • Mapping current engagement activities
    • Analysis of customer behavior patterns and response rates
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    Defining Strategy & Plan

    Next, the teams will translate the insights from Step 1, together with the best practices that our experts bring, and will formulate a strategy and the Digital Customer Engagement plan that is tailored to your business objectives. This will include:

    • Identifying the optimal selection for activities, offers, texting channels, and mix between inbound and outbound
    • Crafting an actionable plan to effectively transition from strategy to deployment
    • Defining multiple KPIs that reflect the strategy, including engagement results, revenue uplift, and more
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    Before official launch of the Digital Customer Engagement plan, our methodology entails a probe phase with a limited population. During this phase we test, monitor and measure responsiveness to activities, and their effectiveness relative to stated KPIs.

    Based on the analysis and data-driven conclusions, we then optimize to maximize results, and roll-out to the full target population.

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    Using the Pontis Engage unique measurement methodology we provide data-driven insights about customer behavior, purchase preferences, response rates, and other indicators to measure Digital Customer Engagement and understand how to optimize your strategy, activities, and offers.

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    Continuous Business Optimization

    The process of probe – measure – optimize is an ongoing one. We make sure that you continuously adapt to meet changing market conditions, and customer needs, as well as your ever evolving business objectives, and continue to improve results on an ongoing basis.

    Our team brings accountability to achieving these goals and delivering results from your Digital Customer Engagement strategy and plan.

Thought Leadership

In order to continuously deliver optimal results, we are always investing in research and thought leadership activities around Digital Customer Engagement and all its aspects.
Some examples of this innovation include:

  • Behavioral Economics: We embed the principles of Behavioral Economics when crafting an optimal Digital Customer Experience for your customers. Based on drivers such as ‘social influence’ or ‘fear of loss’, we analyze customer response rates in order to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of behavior and preferences. Thus, we customize the best approach for each individual customer.
  • Gamification: The Pontis team of experts leverages gamification techniques such as incentives, challenges, and badges to increase engagement and increase response rates. This unique approach adds an element of fun in gamifying your Digital Customer Engagement, and effects a viral impact through social sharing. By challenging and exciting customers, response rates are dramatically increased and your customers become more deeply engaged with your brand.
  • Customer Experience: the Digital Customer Engagement consulting practice at Pontis is designed to enable you to leverage every engagement with your customer and provide an experience that is personalized to their interests, context, and emotional response, every time, throughout the customer journey. We will help you develop the strategies and plans to deliver such differentiated and memorable experiences from when the customer first engages with your brand and expresses interest, through to acquisition and loyalty.
  • Through The Line: we provide you with an integrated approach where you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ marketing activities with ‘through the line’ marketing. That is, you will be able to reach your customers directly with offers and activities that correlate to an ATL campaign but are personalized to their preferences and behaviors. The result is increased ROI on ATL investments and improved NPS scores.
  • Omni-channel Engagement: we provide you with insights and actionable plans for how to best leverage the breadth of engagement channels available to your customers. We will enable you to execute your plans for optimizing your mix of inbound and outbound, and improving results. You will gain the know-how on when it’s best to change your offers, activities, and messages to customers based on which channels they prefer.
  • Measurement Methodologies: Pontis holds deep domain expertise in what and how to measure Digital Customer Engagement. Beyond the individual activity, we help you measure impact over time, both in the near-term and for the long-term. We measure throughout the course of the customer journey, and across a chain of activities. Beyond response rates, we measure the implemented strategy over multiple KPIs, business and operational – to help you maximize your results.